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Tutti i nostri prodotti vengono sottoposti periodicamente a test che ne attestano l'efficacia e la qualità.

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Set Antiacaro 100% Cotone

Federa, coprimaterasso e copripiumone

coprimaterasso antiacaro in cotone

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Laevia srl, owner of the trademark AllerZero, is a new and innovative company using the experience of a diverse group of professionals who have been involved in the fight against allergies for over 20 years.The goal is to create high-quality and affordably priced products.

We have acquired expertise thanks to various collaborations for over a decade with the most important Italian players in the field of environmental prevention against allergic diseases. 

We have invested in research and development with the goal of designing hand crafted innovative solutions. We have decided to sell our products on line to cut unnecessary distribution costs.

We believe that spreading information is very important, so more and more we are seeking to work along with specialists in the field who want to put their knowledge at the service of those who have many questions but few answers.